Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles almost knocked servants over during an argument with Princess Diana. Pictured: Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982. Getty Images/Fox Photos

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had several fights during their marriage.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had a fairytale wedding. Unfortunately, they did not end up living happily ever after. Royal correspondent Robert Jobson claimed in Amazon Prime documentary “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm” that the Highgrove staff witnessed and bore the brunt of the royal couple’s marital strife.

“The servants knew exactly what was going on because they were the ones making up the beds,” Jobson said.

He believed that the staff listened to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s arguments at the doorways. He also added that there were times when the future king almost knocked the servants over following another argument with Princess Diana.

“There were one or two occasions where the doors were slamming and then Prince Charles would walk out,” Jobson said. “There’d be three or four servants just outside, almost knocked over as he walked past them.”

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, previously claimed that an infuriated Prince Charles threw a book at him due to the future’s king exasperation over Princess Diana. He added that he served two royal mistresses during their stay at Highgrove as Princess Diana would be at the residence during the weekends. Meanwhile, Camilla Parker Bowles would take her place during the week.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles's married life apparently wasn’t great at all from start to finish. The Prince of Wales was reportedly not always kind to his wife, and he even undermined Princess Diana in public and in front of foreign dignitaries.

Princess Diana’s private secretary, Patrick Jephson, told Tina Brown that the future king’s most demoralizing weapon against Princess Diana was intellectual superiority. Once, Prince Charles intentionally excluded the Princess of Wales from a conversation with royal hosts. When one of the emirs turned to ask Princess Diana about her plans during their stay, Prince Charles responded for her, saying she plans to go “shopping” only.

When they visited Brazil, Princess Diana read briefings about the country during their flights. She referred to the briefings as her "homework." Prince Charles reportedly mocked her and pointed out that she didn’t know a thing about Brazil, thus the need to read those briefings.