Prince Charles reportedly stopped Paul Burrell's prosecution to avoid scandal.

According to investigative author Tom Bower, Princess Diana's former butler hoarded several of her belongings. Police reportedly asked Burrell if he owned any item from Kensington Palace, but he said, "No."

However, when the detectives raided his home near Runcorn in Cheshire, they were shocked to find several rooms filled with Princess Diana's paintings, drawings, china and photographs. There was also a box containing the late Princess of Wales' personal notes to Prince William while he was at school.

The room was reportedly filled with boxes from wall to wall. When they opened it, they saw bags, blouses, dresses, nightgowns, underwear, shoes and hats that belonged to Princess Diana. Burrell was immediately placed under arrest, but Prince Charles did something so the case would not go on trial.

According to Bower, he talked with police, courtiers and lawyers who were involved in Burrell's case. Among the serious allegations is Prince Charles’ attempt to "stop the prosecution from going ahead."

The author noted that Burrell knows a lot of things about the royals, and his statements during the trial may put their family in a bad light. According to the "REBEL Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles" author, Burrell knows Prince Charles' secret meetings and phone calls with Camilla Parker-Bowles. He is also aware of Princess Diana's rendezvous with her boyfriends.

"The prince was now willing to do anything to avert a trial, especially with William a potential witness," Bower wrote.

In fact, his private secretary Stephen Lamport reportedly told a colleague, "We've got a terrible problem with this man Burrell... the Prince of Wales is distraught. The prince will say he gave the things to [the butler] and that Burrell's actions were all right."

Burrell's solicitor, Andrew Shaw, was also confident that Prince Charles would not allow the case to go to trial. "They won't let Burrell's secrets be splashed in the public domain. They'll never let this come to trial," Shaw told prosecution lawyer Maxine de Brunner.

However, Edmund Lawson, the QC commissioned by Michael Peat to investigate Prince Charles' alleged influence in halting the trial, denied the rumors. In his report, he stated that there was no evidence supporting the claims that the Duke of Cornwall "procure the termination" of the trial.

Burrell, who appeared on Australia's "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here," made several revelations about Princess Diana on the show. According to him, the late princess suspected Prince Charles of plotting an automobile accident to marry Camilla.

"Her words were 'these next few months, are the most difficult months of my life. I fear my husband is going to kill me. In an automobile accident. With head injuries. In order that he can remarry,'" Burrell said.

Burrell's stint on the reality show is over. A few weeks ago, the former royal butler was voted out of the jungle.