Prince Edward, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson
Prince Philip took cues from Prince Philip on how he treated Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. Pictured: Prince Andrew, Ferguson, Lord Linley, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mother outside Clarence House on Aug. 4, 1989 in London. Getty Images/John Eggitt

Prince Edward did not have high regard for Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

According to Ingrid Seward in her book “Prince Edward: Biography,” the Earl of Wessex was taking cues from his father, Prince Philip, on how he felt toward the Princess of Wales and Duchess of York. The royal expert added that the Duke of Edinburgh was deemed “substantially responsible for many of the difficulties that have beset the Royal Family and so undermined their public standing.”

Both Ferguson and Princess Diana had a complicated relationship with Prince Philip. The 97-year-old royal did not approve of Ferguson for Prince Andrew. In fact, Ferguson was most afraid of the Duke of Edinburgh, according to Allan Starkie.

Prince Philip was somehow supportive of Princess Diana. However, according to Tina Brown in her 2007 book “The Diana Chronicles,” the Queen’s husband was “angry, raging and unpleasant” after learning about Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s separation.

Princess Diana also felt bad when she learned that he tolerated Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair. The People’s Princess revealed that Prince Charles’ father encouraged him to marry Princess Diana and just reunite with Camilla if their marriage failed to work out after five years, which was exactly what happened.

Prince Edward also felt that his sisters-in-law “had let the side down.” In fact, he sensed the trouble that Princess Diana would cause to Prince Charles and kept the princess at arm’s length as he prepared himself for the “problems that lay ahead.”

Between the two, Prince Edward was closer to Ferguson. There were even times when Prince Andrew’s wife would drive from the palace to meet him and they would share lunch together. Prince Edward reportedly liked Ferguson because she was fun and interested in what he did.

However, their relationship turned sour when his romance with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was leaked to the media. Prince Edward suspected that it was Ferguson who shared the details to Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton. He accused the Duchess of York of disloyalty.

Queen Elizabeth II, who was very fond of Ferguson, didn’t like her son’s action. She summoned Prince Edward over his unfair accusations to Ferguson and the latter apologized for upsetting the monarch.