Prince Edward disappointed Queen Mother and Princess Anne with one of his decisions.

According to Anne Kretschmer of Express, Prince Edwards stands out when it comes to not following the royal tradition of joining the Royal Navy or having military careers. Initially, the Earl of Wessex decided to join the Royal Marines after leaving Cambridge University but left after three months of training.

“Prince Edward was home for the weekend and he told his family that he was going to quit the Marines,” Ingrid Seward said on Channel 5’s “ Royal Scandals.”

“They said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ and they talked him round. He said ‘Oh ok, I’ll stay' and he drove back to his base camp the next morning and handed in his resignation.”

Princess Anne was reportedly driving back to Gloucestershire and nearly put her car in a ditch when she heard on the radio that Prince Edward resigned. It’s not only her Royal Princess who felt down, Queen Mother was also very disappointed.

“Some members of the Royal Family felt that he’d let the side down,” Richard Kay said.

“The Queen Mother was one. [She] felt disappointed in her grandson’s behaviour.”

This wasn’t the first time Prince Edward disappointed the Queen Mother and the Queen. The royal family were not pleased when he urged the other members of the royal family to join the Royal Knockout.

According to Seward, the Queen did not like the sight of Prince Andrew grinning insanely and Prince Edward dressing up as a joker in a yellow plumed hat. Due to their attendance at the event, Prince Edward’s reputation suffered. The embarrassing event remains a sensitive topic to the Earl of Wessex.

“When I mentioned the programme to him I happened to call it ‘disastrous’. In a voice edged with irritation, he quickly interposed: ‘It wasn’t disastrous,’” Seward added.

In related news, Prince Edward is the only son of Queen Elizabeth II whose first marriage is successful. All of his siblings Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew divorced their first spouses.

However, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex almost broke up. Just like the other couples there were also moment when their effort of adjusting led to rows and disagreements. Apparently, they made it and are married for two decades already.

Prince Edward
Pictured: Prince Edward attends an on-water capability demonstration by Royal Marines and HNLMS Zealand's Marines on Oct. 24, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong