Prince Edward is still irritated when asked about the controversial “Royal Knockout.”

The Earl of Wessex reportedly masterminded the royals’ appearance at “It’s a Royal Knockout,” which didn’t make the Queen and Queen Mother happy at all.

”Its a Royal Knockout remains a sensitive subject with Prince Edward,” Ingrid Seward wrote in her 1995 book “Prince Edward.”

“When I mentioned the programme to him I happened to call it ‘disastrous’. In a voice edged with irritation, he quickly interposed: ‘It wasn’t disastrous.’”

Prince Edward questioned Seward for calling it “disastrous” when it raised over a million pounds for charity and is still raising money. However, according to the royal biographer, “for all the money raised and all Edward’s undoubted commitment to raising it, the lingering feeling is once of incredulity blended in equal measure with embarrassment.”

Many believed that the royal family should have not gotten themselves involved in the hour-long exercise in televised kitsch. Even the members of the royal family found it a “disaster” and deemed it as one of the major contributory factors in the erosion of their regal prestige.

On the show, the prince was accompanied by Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Princess Diana was supposed to join them, but Prince Charles didn’t approve of her attendance on the show because the Prince of Wales knew that the Queen would not like it.

The royals dressed up and mocked about with a selection of stars including Meat Loaf, Anthony Andrews, Kevin Kline, Mel Smith, Billy Connolly and George Lazenby.

“The Queen did not appreciate the sight of the Duke of York grinning inanely,” Seward wrote.

“And her youngest son Prince Edward dressed as a joker with a yellow plumed hat which made him look, as The Times drolly remarked, like ‘one of Shakespeare’s lesser jesters,’” the biographer added.

Prince Edward’s reputation suffered and Seward said that it was an unfortunate outcome for something that had started with the highest hopes and the best of intentions.

Prince Edward is married to Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The couple has been married for two decades already and has two children.

Prince Edward
Pictured: Prince Edward attends an on-water capability demonstration by Royal Marines and HNLMS Zealand's Marines on Oct. 24, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong