Prince George and Mia Tindall are following in the footsteps of their respective parents, Prince William and Zara Tindall.

Cristina Odone, a journalist for Daily Mail, said that Prince William and Zara have always been close to each other, especially when they were kids. And several years late, Prince George and Tindall show signs that they also share a special bond.

During their recent outing with Princess Charlotte, Prince George and his younger cousin could not get enough of each other. At one point, Tindall was photographed standing in front of Prince George and comparing her height to his.

“There is very special complicity between cousins. We are closer than best friends because we are blood relations… We have known each other all our lives and can use shorthand that leaves outsiders confused,” Odone wrote about the cousins.

In the article, throwback photos of Prince William with Zara were also uploaded. One of the snaps from 1988 showed Prince William, in a maroon trench coat, gazing at Zara’s face. The latter is wearing a black trench coat.

In 2004, Zara was also photographed affectionately resting her head over Prince William’s shoulder. A year later, Prince William attended Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ civil wedding ceremony with Zara. In the photo, Zara wraps her hand around her cousin’s shoulder.

Several years ago, the cousins were also photographed whispering into each other’s ears while outside Clarence House.

“No nonsense Zara, 37, daughter of Princess Anne, has always been the fun cousin whom William can rely on to lift his spirits in dark times. And, as we know, he has his fair share of them… It would not be an understatement to say that she has been the big sister he never had,” Odone wrote.

According to the journalist, Prince Harry is also close to his older cousin. The Duke of Sussex is believed to have been made godfather to Zara’s daughter Lena, while Prince William is rumored to be the godfather of Tindall.