Over the years, Prince Harry has gained the admiration and support of many people from across various age groups, gender and even nationalities. However, one of the 31-year old prince’s young fans became disheartened after learning the truth behind Prince Harry’s potential kingship.

Prince Harry gave a candid response to a young student during his visit at the Lambs Lane Primary School located in Berkshire. The royal prince served as a surprise guest in Sky Sports' Game Changers show that was filmed at the said school, People magazine reported. He was also joined by a few other Invictus Games players.

When 9-year old Tristan asked him if he will become a king someday, Prince Harry commented that it was something that “everybody wanted” to know. “Let's be honest! You'll be glad to know, probably not!" Prince Harry replied. The young student was said to be disappointed with the royal prince’s reply. Tristan’s reaction was also noticed by Prince Harry, who teased, "Oh, look at the disappointment! I love that! I'm going to give you a high-five."

Tristan is just one of Prince Harry’s young fans who would love to see him become a king someday. Tristan commented during the filming of the said show that he would “love to see him be king.” The young student also stated that he wanted Prince Harry to do the things that he “really, really wants.” Another student, 10-year old Madison, also shared that same sentiment as schoolmate Tristan. “He's really nice, I'd like to see him as king. He's really fun," Madison said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is set to travel to Canada and America to attend various Invictus Games events to be held in May. The royal prince is scheduled to visit Toronto on May 2 to launch the third Invictus Games. Toronto has been identified as the host city for the upcoming September 2017 Invictus Games, a paralympic game that Prince Harry has helped to create.

He will then fly off to Orlando for the May 8 opening of the second Invictus Games. The event will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The said paralympic gaming tournament has been scheduled for a May 8 until May 12 run.