• Prince Harry will face a lot of hardships in the coming months
  • The Duke of Sussex will have feelings of insecurity
  • An expert picked out three tarot cards to determine Prince Harry's future 

The next couple of months is not looking very good for Prince Harry. Based on his tarot card reading, Meghan Markle’s husband is going to experience a slew of hardships.

According to Justine Ayling, who specializes in clairvoyance, tarot, intuitive counseling, and more said that Prince Harry’s attempts to carve out an independent future will have both positive and negative effects on him.

Since the Duke of Sussex is a Virgo, he is also known to be fiercely loyal to his wife, Meghan Markle. Ayling said that once a Virgo picks a life partner, they will do anything to make them happy.

The expert also pulled out three cards that will determine Prince Harry’s fate for the next couple of months. Ayling picked The Moon, Knight of Pentacles, and Five of Swords, and she explained each one.

“This card is all about illusion, things not being all that they appear. It suggests 'difficult' periods, feelings of insecurity and divided loyalties. Harry wants to provide a more private life for Meghan and Archie and feels Canada is the nirvana where their dream will be realized. Anxiety around his future career direction is also linked to this card and miscommunication with his elders will continue to cause misunderstandings. He must guard against stubbornness in his dealings with people in authority, ” Ayling explained about The Moon to Express.

The Knight of Pentacles is about living a normal life that will involve hard work and a conservative approach.

“They both have a plan in place on what they want their life to be and they are unwavering in their resolve, however, they should take a more slow and steady wins the race stance rather than the more bombastic way we are led to believe is occurring. Family feuds are never pleasant but within the Royal Family, they can be destructive. Harry, along with Meghan, has planned this move meticulously before its execution as the Knight of Pentacles leaves nothing to chance, although he is known to dream big,” she said.

And the Five of Swords is all about the conflict and disagreements that are at the forefront of Prince Harry’s life. He is also encouraged to pick his battles wisely and to avoid sweating the small stuff.

Prince Harry attended his last duties in London on Monday
Prince Harry attended his last duties in London on Monday AFP / Ben STANSALL