• Prince Harry is being encouraged to return to The Firm next year
  • Prince Harry reportedly quit the royal family because of Meghan Markle
  • Prince Harry just wants to make Meghan Markle to be happy 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their bombshell exit from the royal family a year ago. Now, an expert is hoping that the Duke of Sussex will consider returning to The Firm next year.

While speaking with The Sun, royal photographer Arthur Edwards said that he’s wishing Prince Harry well, and he’s not sorry for him.

“But I hope after a year he rethinks and comes back and rejoins the firm. He’s a boy who’s never had to worry about parking his car, he’s never had to worry about sorting out his tax returns or his insurance. All of this is going to be new to him. No one is going to do that for him now, he’s either going to have to do it himself or employ someone to do it. He’s going to find life, as most of us do, pretty tough. He’s 35 and he’s never had to do anything like that and he may wish he’d never gone down that road,” he said.

Edward acknowledged the fact that quitting the royal family is probably what Prince Harry’s wife wanted, and he simply followed her lead. After all, there have been reports claiming that what Markle wants, Markle gets. Additionally, Prince Harry has also vowed to make his wife happy.

“That’s what the price is and he’ll pay it because there’s no secret agenda here – he’s made it very clear he wants to leave the Royal Family and do something of himself,” Edwards said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle also made headlines recently after they released a statement in response to Queen Elizabeth’s decision to ban them from using the Sussex Royal brand.

While speaking with Daily Mail, Markle’s close friend said that the “Suits” alum and Prince Harry were left with no other choice but to make a very public statement. The Duchess of Sussex allegedly said that if there’s someone who should feel insulted it’s them and not Her Majesty.

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry is pictured. AFP/Adrian DENNIS