Prince Harry inherited the fun and naughty side of his mom, Princess Diana.

Paul Burrell's clip from the documentary "Princess Diana: The Quiet Revolution" has resurfaced. In the footage, the former royal butler shared his thoughts about the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.

"William, although he looks like his mother, he is more like his father," Burrell said (as quoted via Express). "He's studious, very careful, he's very respectful, he's duty bound."

"Harry on the other hand, is a hybrid of the Spencer's red hair and the Windsors but he has his mother's naughty streak," Burrell continued. "Harry is the fun guy, Harry was always the boy that would take apart the television set, the video recorder, he would have in bits, and would want them to put it back together again. Harry was always the soldier, William was always the general."

Burrell added that Prince William and Prince Harry were "the center" of Princess Diana's world. In fact, the trio spent their Saturday night watching TV, cuddling and eating McDonald's.

Prince Harry's fun and naughty side are apparent in his outings lately. The duke joined Meghan Markle at her first royal hosting event where he was caught stealing samosas. Prince Harry hid the food at his back. However, when he noticed that he was caught on camera, he stepped back and gave a cheeky smile.

Aside from that, upon arrival, Markle and Doria Ragland greeted a woman in hijab. The mother and daughter kissed the guest on the cheek three times. Prince Harry who was unsure how to greet a Muslim woman ended up performing an awkward air kiss and hug three times. Markle couldn't help but laugh. The netizens found Prince Harry's antics funny and adorable, too.

In related news, Princess Diana also talked about Prince William and Prince Harry in a 1985 interview. According to the late Princess of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge at 3 years old was already enthusiastic and independent. Prince William was also not shy and very polite. She believed that he grew up to be like that because he was surrounded by grownups.

On the other hand, Prince Harry was different. He just watched and observed whether he copies his older brother or not. "He is certainly a different character altogether," Princess Diana said about Prince Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry Prince Harry inherited Princess Diana's "naughty and fun side." Pictured: Prince William and Prince Harry attend the European Premiere of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" at Royal Albert Hall on Dec. 12, 2017 in London. Photo: Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland