Prince Harry was furious when he learned that his officer was not deploying him in Iraq.

Prince Harry is one of the most popular royals and many love him because they can easily relate to him. Despite his royal bloodline, he was keen to live the life he wanted and even joined the army.

The Duke of Sussex served in the army for 10 years and rose to the rank of Captain. He undertook two tours in Afghanistan. However, his experience in the army wasn’t as normal as the others due to his family background. Prince Harry’s senior officials didn’t deploy him in Iraq in 2007 due to media speculations and safety concerns, but the royal prince who wanted to serve was so devastated that he used a foul-mouthed language to air his frustrations.

“I think he came up with the famous line: ‘I haven’t dragged my sorry [explicit] through Sandhurst for a year not to be allowed to go on operations,’” General Richard Dannatt recalled.

“Unfortunately, the media speculated so incessantly and so accurately, and by about the time we had to take a final decision of whether we should deploy him or not they had worked out where he’d be, what his unit would be doing, what sort of vehicle he’d be driving and what he’d be wearing.”

Dannatt added that at the same time the situation in the Al-Hammar Province in Iraq had deteriorated to the point where they felt it was a responsible risk to send him there. The officer added that “it wasn’t so much the concern for his safety but the increased risk that his presence created for those around him.”

Due to the failed attempt at sending  Prince Harry to Iraq, Dannatt struck a deal with the media to limit their reports about the duke’s deployment until after he returned home. In exchange for the media blackout, the media reporterswere given access to his training while he was deployed and when he got back. 

According to Daily Mail, despite the failed deployment in Iraq, Prince Harry secretly served on the frontlines in Afghanistan for more than two months. He became the first royal to be deployed on active duty since 1982.