Netizens discussed Prince Harry’s feelings for Pippa Middleton and Meghan Markle.

One netizen asked on Quora if Prince Harry loved Kate Middleton’s sister so much that he got a lookalike for himself. The netizen was referring to Prince Harry’s wife, Markle.

A number of royal fans who responded disagreed that Markle is a lookalike of Pippa. Mark Harrison shared photos of Pippa and Middleton and stressed that the only similarities between the two is the fact that they are both “human females.”

Jonathan Elder also said that Pippa doesn’t look that much like Markle at all. He also insisted that there’s no evidence that Prince Harry loved Pippa. In fact, they have known each other for years, but he dated other women.

Shelley Kesselman also said that the netizen who asked the question was only “presuming” that Prince Harry loved Pippa. “Just because a man and a woman get along well, it doesnt mean that there is anything romantic, or because there is chemistry that they are well suited,” she wrote.

Another netizen said that Prince Harry and Pippa were never an item.

“Harry/Pippa was a fantasy relationship supported by a few people making up things that weren’t there,” Shelby Buttimer said. “They were never in a relationship. If they had wanted to be in a relationship, no one would have stopped them.”

As for Pippa and Markle’s similarities, royal expert Duncan Larcombe agreed that the two ladies share something in common. In fact, he found it funny that Prince Harry married somebody who has the same temperament, personality and bubbliness as Pippa even if the romantic rumors about them were not true.

Also, Pippa and Markle are both determined to stay fit. They also mix in with celebrity circles, which Middleton doesn’t do.

However, according to Robert Arissen, Pippa and Markle don’t get along despite their similarities because they both love the media attention and spotlight. He believed that even if the two ladies looked amicable during their joint appearance at Wimbledon, they will never be close friends.