• Prince Harry voluntarily dropped HRH title
  • Online users reacted after Prince Harry insisted to just call him by his first name "Harry"
  • Prince Harry spotted at Edinburgh station looking not so well sans Meghan Markle

Prince Harry made another mistake for voluntarily dropping his royal title.

On Wednesday, the Duke of Sussex stepped out after his sighting at the Edinburgh station. He attended an engagement at the Edinburgh International Conference Center and decided to forgo his royal title.

“He's made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry. So ladies and gentlemen, please give a big, warm, Scottish welcome to Harry,” Ayesha Hazarika told the audience as shown in clips shared on Twitter.

Prince Harry’s statement sparked various reactions online. Some were convinced that Meghan Markle’s husband made another mistake for doing the move.

“And good ol’ Meghan will undoubtedly drop her gullible ‘I can’t believe he’s not the prince’ prince Harry pretty soon. What a giant mistake Harry’s made,” @TeamNikkiS1 commented.

“This is fake lol. About 8 hours ago I read an article that said the Queen wouldn't allow them to use the title,” one commented on the video shared on YouTube.

Meanwhile, some weren’t surprise because they wanted the Queen to remove the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s titles even before Prince Harry made the announcement to just call him “Harry.” For them, even if he has no title, he is still a prince by birth.

“if I was Prince Harry I would simply drop the royal title and become Harry Spice-Girl. The Queen can’t deny he is sporty, posh, scary, ginger and baby,” one wrote.

“Strip them of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex title, it’s no longer required, wedding gift from Queen, to give MM a title otherwise they would be titled HRH Prince & Princess Harry of Wales, use Mountbatten-Windsor same as their son. Why do they need the word Royal, they have left,” another added.

“I think the Queen is making a mistake not taking away the Sussex title also. Meghan should be left with no title whatsoever. Harry will always be a prince by birth. Take away HRH and Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, however,” @CallahanKaren opined.

Meanwhile, the Queen surprisingly removed Prince Andrew’s “HRH” title when she greeted the Duke of York on his birthday. Many noticed it because the Queen has been using “HRH” when she greeted her favorite son in the past years.

In related news, Prince Harry was spotted at the Edinburgh station sans Markle. According to online users, he didn't look so well and blamed it on his decision to marry the “toxic” Markle.

Prince Harry attended his last duties in London on Monday
Prince Harry attended his last duties in London on Monday AFP / Ben STANSALL