Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot on May 19, but Sir Vince Cable is convinced the wedding wouldn’t push through for one particular reason.

He told the Daily Mail that if anti-immigration fanatics had their way, Prince Harry wouldn’t be allowed to wed Markle.

“Many Meghans weren’t lucky enough to fall in love with a prince. They are denied visas and split from their partners because it is said that they are bogus,” the Liberal Democrat leader said.

There has also been much talk surrounding Markle’s British citizenship, which she may already be fixing. Earlier this month, the “Suits” alum returned to the United States to file her documents.

According to USA Today, Markle would also need to go through the usual procedures before she can be given her citizenship. Marrying a prince could make things easier for her, but she still needs to take the tests and apply for a spousal visa first before receiving her citizenship in about five to six years.

Colin Yeo, an immigration lawyer, dubbed the whole process “insanely complex.”

“It’s very easy to make mistakes because the requirements are so very precise,” he said.

Before getting her citizenship, Markle first needs to apply for a spousal visa, and this will grant her the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom for a certain number of years.

Markle is also required to show evidence that her relationship or marriage to Prince Harry is real. Prince Harry should also earn $26,000 per year to prove that he can take care of his wife without relying on public funds. Luckily for the couple, Prince Harry is earning so much more than $26,000 annually.

Caitlin Milazzo, a US-born academic who recently received her British citizenship said that she hopes the government will treat Markle just like everyone else.

“They should just say there is one rule for everyone, rich or poor – these are the requirements that apply to everyone, no matter if you’re royalty or someone coming in as a nurse. But I know that’s not how the world works,” she told Page Six.