Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly being asked the same question about their son Archie’s name over and over again.

The royal couple is forced to deal with one joke after deciding to name their son like the main character in The CW series “Riverdale.” According to The Sunday Times, Americans are asking the same teasing question: “when Archie grows up, will he marry Betty or Veronica?”

Markle was reportedly a huge fan of the comic book series “Archie,” which was introduced to her by her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. Archie is known as the most loveable kid in town. He also has the reputation of being selfless, loyal, and helpful.

John Goldwater, the publisher of Archie Comics, previously tweeted that he’s proud to share the character’s name with the new royal baby. He also said that Archie is an icon.

Markle gave birth to her son on May 6 at 5:26 a.m. Two days later, she introduced Archie to the world. Markle and Prince Harry stepped out with their bundle of joy at St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle on May 8.

According to The Guardian, the name Archie is a shortened version of the moniker Archibald, which is of German origin and which means “genuine,” “bold,” and “brave.” According to the Office for National Statistics, it was the 18th most popular name in the United Kingdom in 2017.

Television historian Kate Williams speculated on the name that Markle and Prince Harry chose for their son and said that it may have been inspired by South African intellectual and anthropologist Archie Mafeje, the saxophonist Archie Shepp, or the R&B singer Archie Bell.

Markle and Prince Harry’s son’s second name is Harrison, which directly translates to “son of Harry.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also decided to not give their son a royal title after he was born. But in the future, he may still be given one.