Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's efforts during their Oceania tour were criticized by Republicans. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle visiting Rotorua's Redwoods Treewalk on October 31, 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been asked to step down from their royal roles after their recent Oceania tour.

Peter Fitz Simons, the chairman of the Australian Republic Movement, appeared on ITV’s documentary “Harry & Meghan: The First Tour.” Fitz Simons spoke with the network’s royal editor, Chris Ship, regarding the royal couple’s 16-day tour of Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand.

He said that Republicans are hoping that Queen Elizabeth II will step down as the head of state in Australia. Ship said that a referendum from 1999 saw the Australian public voting to keep Her Majesty as the head of state in the continent.

“Since then, the Republican movement has grown in confidence under the charismatic leadership of Peter Fitz Simons. But will the visit by the young royals dampen enthusiasm for the change he wants? Look, I don’t mean to be cruel, but it’s game over, isn’t it?” he said (via Express).

Simons replied, “No. How many people have you got there? One, two, three, four, five? Look, you’ve got a couple of thousands there, but as you can see the people who have come here, they’re rock stars. Twenty-five percent of Australians are monarchists and a fair chunk of there are there this morning. They’re major international celebrities.”

Ship asked Simons if there will ever be another referendum, and the latter said that there will be one again in the future.

“And what replaces them and their family if you decide what could happen?” Ship asked.

“Hmm, who could we get to be head of state in Australia? I’m going to go with an Australian. Just why didn’t I think of that? That is amazing. Why don’t we be like other countries and have a head of state from our own country? I think we could do it,” he said.

Prince Harry and Markle returned to London from their 16-day tour on Oct. 31.