Meghan Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, has spoken about the Duchess of Sussex in MTV’s “The Royal World.”

The television show features a group of royals and aristocrats, who spent two weeks together in a mansion in Surrey. Dooley, who is the son of Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., said surprising things about Prince Harry’s wife.

Archie Manners, the host of “The Royal World,” said that Dooley talked about Markle extensively during his stint on the show.

“The public will learn his side of what was an interesting summer for that family. They’ll learn some things about Meghan and the Markle family that will be shocking, surprising, and perhaps change people’s opinions on what’s gone on,” he said (via Express).

Dooley and his mom, Tracy, traveled to London to appear on a breakfast show months ago. That time, royal fans thought that they flew to London to attend Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding on May 19.

Meanwhile, Manners also gushed over Dooley and said that it felt amazing when he walked in the door of the mansion.

“I think the cast initially thought, ‘Oh this is fun. The producers have sent in a brash American. But then he says, ‘I’m Meghan Markle’s nephew.’ I was initially surprised he agreed to do it. I thought it was great for the show but I also thought, ‘Haven’t the Markles gone through enough?’ But Tyler does present another side to the Markle saga,” the host said.

Dooley also talked about the royals and said that being part of “The Royal World” made him understand his aunt’s new life.

“My respect for her is even more than it was before, especially after learning a whole new culture and being submerged into royalty. I’ve learned so much about the royal family. There’s a certain etiquette that you have to have, especially at social events. It’s a whole different lifestyle change from American culture. I’ve always admired her, from when I was a small child, and I’ve always looked up to her. She’s always been so pleasant and full of life,” he said.