• The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a generous donation on Christmas
  • The kind act was performed on behalf of their son Archie
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent Christmas in their new California home

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their first Christmas in their new Montecito home. While they kept their celebrations low-key, they decided to make it memorable by performing some philanthropic gestures.

Their latest charitable activity was apparently inspired by their 19-month-old son Archie. According to New Zealand Herald, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex showed support for a local Kiwi business committed to children in need.

Make Give Live is a New Zealand-based knitwear social enterprise that brings together hundreds of passionate knitters. The royal couple purchased 100 handmade woolen hats on behalf of Archie, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest great-grandson.

As revealed by Claire Conza, the founder of the organization, they received a letter from the parents-of-one, just days before Christmas. They described it as a “wonderful gift for the organization.”

“As Make Give Live operates on a buy one, give one model, this will allow the group to make an extra 200 hats to distribute to families in need next winter through the various charities it supports," Conza explained as quoted by the outlet.

Meanwhile, the organization dedicated an Instagram post to the royals featuring the cutest pictures of Archie with his father Prince Harry.

“We love that they share our values and wrote to us just before Christmas to order 100 beanies to donate to Archie's Kiwi friends (children in need in NZ) which, based on our model of Buy one - Give one, will enable us to donate 200 beanies,” Make Give Live wrote on the post.

The Sussex Family has been associated with the organization for a long time. Last year, on New Year’s Day, they reached out to their fans with a photo of baby Archie wearing a Make Give Live Cocobear hat. The account remains defunct since the pair’s exit from the royal family.

Meanwhile, this Christmas happens to be Sussex Family’s second holiday season away from the royal family. It is said that Meghan wanted to make sure that it was special for everyone. The family created their own traditions as they could not visit London due to the ongoing pandemic.

Markle gave birth to her first child, Archie, in 2019; she said she was holding him when the miscarriage occurred
Markle gave birth to her first child, Archie, in 2019; she said she was holding him when the miscarriage occurred POOL / HENK KRUGER