Prince Harry and Melania Trump’s controversial photo has resurfaced.

Some Twitter users shared Melania and Prince Harry’s photos during Invictus Games two years ago. This brought back the controversies surrounding the snaps. One even said that Prince Harry was making a “Masonic hand sign.

In 2017, the Duke of Sussex and first lady of the United States posed for a series of photos at the Invictus Games in Toronto. However, their snaps became controversial as Prince Harry’s hand was half-tucked into his jacket. Many found his gesture unusual because his ring and middle fingers were tucked inside his coat along with his thumb, leaving his pinky and point fingers in full display.

According to Patti Wood, Prince Harry’s hand gesture was called the horn or the devil’s horn. It’s not a sign that the duke is the devil, but rather, it is apparently a warning off of evil spirits. It was a protective gesture against evil forces, darkness or illness.

She explained that Prince Harry’s act can also be considered a self-comfort cue, and several world leaders exhibit the same gesture when in a photo op with Donald Trump. She added that the gesture is similar to a hand to belly action. One does this when there is a lot of tension and he feels the need to protect his central core.

Meanwhile, CNN reporter Kate Bennett had a different explanation about Prince Harry and Melania’s bizarre photo op. In an interview with The Daily Front Row, Bennett said that Meghan Markle’s husband was actually reaching in to unbutton his coat to sit down. However, the cameras kept clicking leaving his hand in the weird position.

“He was pausing. He wasn’t throwing a secret gang sign. They got held up in the pictures,” Bennett explained.

Melania and Donald flew to the U.K. earlier this week for the NATO reception. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not join the major event because they were still in their six-week break. Prince Harry and Markle’s absence was not a snub to Donald and Melania. Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton and more royals were present at the event to join the FLOTUS and POTUS.

Following the event, Prince Charles was accused of insulting the U.S. president. The heir apparent was spotted scratching his nose using his middle finger leading some to conclude that he was flipping off Donald. But not everyone was convinced that there was any meaning behind the Prince of Wales’ gesture.

All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency
All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency AFP / Michele Spatari