Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry greets guests on the Mall as they attend the Patron's Lunch, an event to mark Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, in London, June 12, 2016. Reuters/Peter Nicholls

Prince Harry may have broken the impression that royal princes do not do their own grocery shopping. The 31-year-old prince was recently spotted buying a few food items at a local London supermarket.

The royal prince was seen visiting London’s Kensington High Street Waitrose supermarket on June 23. A female shopper shared in an interview with The Sun that seeing Prince Harry shopping was a pleasant surprise, reported. The shopper even recounted how the royal prince was looking at discounted ready meals.

The female shopper described the moment as “funny.” She then shared that Prince Harry was looking at two ready-made pie particularly Shepherd’s pie and fish pie. The shopper mentioned that both pies were at a special discounted price at that time. “He obviously likes a bargain,” the shopper stated. Apart from the ready meals, Prince William’s brother was said to have also purchased cornflakes and banana.

Prince Harry’s morning grocery run on Thursday may have surprised a few fans. The royal prince appears to enjoy preparing his own meals and cooking, as indicated in the same report.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry recently honored his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in his speech during the Queen's Young Leaders Awards on Thursday evening. The event was held in honor of a group of young people who have made a difference in other people’s lives through their achievements, People magazine reported.

In his speech, he described the Queen as an “exceptional” person and commented on how he was “extremely fortunate” to have met other people who share the same passion and selfless commitment as the royal monarch. Prince Harry also stated that his grandmother served as his inspiration and source of guidance. “She is the example I aspire to and the standard by which I will judge my contribution,” Prince Harry added.