Prince Charles denied Prince Harry’s final request for Princess Diana.

On Aug. 31, 1997, Princess Diana died due to a tragic car accident. According to, Prince Harry wanted to travel with Prince Charles when the Prince of Wales decided to fly to Paris to get Princess Diana’s body after the accident. Prince Charles declined his son’s request and opted to travel alone.

Prince Charles knew that he had no right to collect Princess Diana’s body. At the time of the accident, the Prince and Princess of Wales were already divorced.

According to Princess Diana’s friend, Prince Charles opted to deny Prince Harry’s request to protect him. Both the Prince of Wales and the Queen agreed that the two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, were their priority. However, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles didn’t agree in regards to the handling of Princess Diana’s body after the car crash.

“Charles took the decision that he was going to Paris to bring back Diana’s body,” Richard Kay said. “This was a surprising and brave move. He was now the ex-husband. He had no right to be there.”

The Queen also reportedly said “no” to the Prince of Wales when he told the monarch that he wanted to collect Princess Diana’s body. In fact, they argued over the matter and it was the only time Prince Charles fought the hardest for his ex-wife.

“Charles wanted to take the royal flight to Paris but the Queen wouldn’t allow it. Charles fought harder for Diana than he had ever fought for her in her lifetime,” Kay added.

Prince Harry and Prince William both admitted that they regret their last phone call with Princess Diana. The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex were in Balmoral Castle when Princess Diana’s car crashed in a tunnel in Paris.

Hours before the accident, she called her two sons. However, Prince William and Prince Harry were in a hurry to end the call because they were playing with their cousins during the phone conversation.

According to Prince William, that phone call still sticks to his mind “quite heavily.” Meanwhile, Prince Harry admitted that he felt the same as his big brother and it was “incredibly hard.”

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles
Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles watch the parade march past as part of the commemorations of VJ Day on Aug. 19, 1995 in London. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt