Prince Philip had a shocking meltdown over Princess Diana’s funeral arrangement.

The Duke of Edinburgh is popular for his humor and temper. One time, he surprised many with his outburst over the Princess of Wales’ funeral. In 1997, following Princess Diana’s death, the state and the monarch had a meeting about Princess Diana’s funeral.

Queen Elizabeth II wanted it to be an intimate affair. However, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prince Charles agreed that the People’s Princess should be laid to rest at St. James’s Palace with a public funeral to be held at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Philip was also at the meeting. According to Sky’s political editor Adam Boulton in his book “Tony’s Ten Years: Memoirs of the Blair Administration,” there was tension during the meeting and it got so bad between the royal family and Tony Blair that Prince Philip exploded.

“The events of that week in September 1997 were very sad,” Boulton wrote.

“But as the spinners from Downing Street came to Buckingham Palace and started to kick around what roles Harry and William should play in the funeral, the Queen had relished the moment when Philip had bellowed over the speakerphone from Balmoral: ‘[expletive].’ We are talking about two boys who have lost their mother.”

On the day of Princess Diana’s funeral, Prince Philip joined Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Diana’s brother as they walked behind her coffin. According to Ingrid Seward, the royal family had a hard time convincing Prince William to walk with them and he only agreed if Prince Philip would join them.

“At first William flatly refused. Charles pleaded with him and said that it would be utterly wrong of him not to accompany them,” Seward wrote.

“Prince Philip weighed into the argument and eventually William agreed to take part - but only on the condition that his grandfather walked beside him.”

Meanwhile, Jennie Bond said that it was Prince Philip who offered to walk with Prince William because he didn’t want to walk behind his mother’s coffin.

Both the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex said that walking behind their mom’s coffin with thousands of people watching them was “one of the hardest things to do.” Prince Harry said that no child should be asked to do it under any circumstances and he added, “I don’t think it would happen today.”

Prince Philip
Pictured: Prince Philip leaves St George's Chapel after the wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex at St Georges Chapel on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller-WPA Pool