Prince Philip
Prince Philip wasn't trusted by Sir Winston Churchill when he was still alive. Pictured: Prince Philip sits in his car at the third day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 11, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Dan Kitwood

Sir Winston Churchill was suspicious of Prince Philip when the Duke of Edinburgh was still young.

In the Channel 4 documentary “The House of Windsor,” it was revealed that Prince Philip tried to convince Her Majesty and her descendants to use his adopted surname, Mountbatten, after they tied the knot. However, the idea was slammed by Churchill.

The dispute took place between the Death of King George VI in 1952 and the Queen’s coronation in 1953. If Prince Philip’s desire to use Mountbatten was accepted by the monarch, this would’ve have been the surname of all of their children and grandchildren.

Gwilym Lee, the narrator of “The House of Windsor,” revealed that Churchill was a deep-seated traditionalist. Lee also said that Churchill was suspicious of Prince Philip.

“On the 18th of February 1952, Churchill’s cabinet discussed the issue in 10 Downing Street. The cabinet was strong of the opinion that the family name Windsor should be retained and they have invited the prime minister to take a suitable opportunity of making their views known to Her Majesty. Churchill passed on the message making it clear to the Queen that the government opposed Philip,” Lee said (via Express).

“Churchill was hostile to him. He remarked privately that he neither liked nor trusted Prince Philip,” Philip Eade, a royal historian, added.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip also made headlines this week after his alleged feud with the Queen Mother in the 1950s was revisited. Christopher Wilson, a royal historian, told Express said that the Queen Mother and Prince Philip had very different views on how the monarchy should be run.

“Philip thought it was time for a change. And the piggy in the middle is the Queen,” Wilson said.

Eade added, “After the abdication, the Queen Mother’s husband had taken his brothers discarded crown. She believed saving the Windsor dynasty had driven him into an early grave. And she was determined that this trauma would not be belittled by the eradication of the Windsor name.”