Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson’s relationship is still strained at the moment but things used to be so good between the two royals years ago.

After Prince Andrew and Ferguson announced their engagement, the Duke of Edinburgh was asked to share his thoughts on his son’s upcoming nuptials.

“I’m delighted he’s getting married, but not because I think it will keep him out of trouble because, in fact, he’s never been in trouble, but because I think Sarah will be a great asset,” he said.

Prince Charles, who eventually had a falling out with the Duchess of York, used to put the mom of two on a pedestal. During his interview after his younger brother’s engagement, the heir to the throne also called Fergie a great asset to Prince Andrew and the royal family.

“That is, of course, if she’ll have him!” he joked.

And the Queen Mother was also a huge fan of Ferguson. In the book “Sarah: HRH The Duchess of York,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that the Queen Mother immediately fell in love with Ferguson because she was so English.

Queen Elizabeth II also liked Sarah and they also got along very well. The two women share similar interests for dogs and horses, and they also enjoyed outdoor activities. Until today, the Queen is still quite fond of her former daughter-in-law.

However, the same thing cannot be said about Prince Philip and Prince Charles. The Duke of Edinburgh started to develop a negative impression of Ferguson after she and Prince Andrew separated.

While the royal couple was still divorced, Ferguson got involved in a toe-sucking scandal with a rich businessman. Prince Philip was one of the first members of the royal family who saw Ferguson’s photos in the newspaper.

Prince Charles is currently no longer fine with Ferguson because he can’t stand her. The future King is also somehow blaming Ferguson for causing a strain on his and Prince Andrew’s relationship.