Prince Philip had a blunt reaction after learning that Prince William wanted to drop out of school.

The Duke of Cambridge broke the royal protocol when he decided to attend St. Andrews University in Scotland instead of Cambridge or Oxford. Prince William’s choice of school was supported by his family, but he later found the school claustrophobic and wanted to drop out after his first semester there.

According to Katie Nicholl’s book “The Making of a Royal Romance,” Prince William got bored, didn’t enjoy his course and missed his friends in Gloucestershire. He also missed the nightclubs in London.

On Christmas, Prince William informed the Prince of Wales that he didn’t want to return to his school for a second semester. Prince Charles was patient enough to listen to his son. He was being sympathetic, but Prince Philip reacted bluntly.

“‘He needs to knuckle down and not wimp out’, was Philip’s typically blunt response,” Nicholl wrote. “It could have been disastrous for the monarchy if William had pulled out.”

According to Amazon Prime's documentary "Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor," Kate Middleton saved Prince William from a personal disaster. If Prince William pushed through with his plans to drop out of school, some might have labeled him a “quitter.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met at St. Andrews and it was Middleton who advised Prince William to change his course if he was not happy with it. Prince William swapped Art History for Geography and earned a second-class honors degree. Prince William and Middleton were friends first before they dated. They even shared rooms with some of their pals.

Prince William and Middleton enjoyed their privacy in Scotland where their friendship blossomed into romance. However, their relationship wasn’t smooth sailing.

The couple reportedly split several times before they got engaged. At one point, Prince William caused Middleton to feel miserable when he joined his friend Guy Pelly on a trip to Greece instead of being with her. 

Middleton let her guard down and got drunk with her friends. One of her pals revealed that at the time she was torn between contacting Prince William or not.

Both confirmed their breakup on their engagement interview. According to the now father of three, they were still too young back then and were still figuring out what they wanted. But thankfully, they wanted to be together because they rekindled their romance and got married in 2011.