Prince Harry wasn’t pleased with Prince William’s doubts about Meghan Markle.

According to Emily Andrews, a royal correspondent for The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex’s fallout could be due to their disagreement about Markle. Prince Harry reportedly felt that his older brother was trying to ruin his romance with the former “Suits” star.

An insider told Andrews that Prince Harry and Prince William had a chat after Markle’s visit to Kensington Palace. However, their heart-to-heart talk didn’t go well for the Duke of Sussex after Prince William told him that they didn’t know about Marke’s background, intentions and what she really likes.

“Harry went mental,” a source told Andrews. “He accused his brother of trying to finish his romance before it had begun. The brothers’ relationship has not really recovered.”

A courtier also revealed that Prince William wasn’t the only person who objected against Markle. But Prince Harry was so in love with the actress that he stood firmly by her.

“A lot of people in the family objected. Who really knows what the concerns were? Was it Meghan’s background? Her father and dreadful half-sister? Because she was an outspoken American? Divorced?” the source said. “Harry stood up for Meghan very forcibly. He really loves her.”

Markle also reportedly faced disapproval from the Middletons, who initially didn’t want to invite her to Pippa Middleton’s wedding. The family feared that she would overshadow the bride. She was eventually invited to the evening reception.

Markle also hoped that her sister-in-law Kate Middleton would show her the ins and outs of the Firm. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t in the best condition when Markle was introduced in November as a future member of the royal family since Prince William's wife was still recovering from terrible morning sickness and was busy with Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the tiime. Markle felt that she was let down and she stopped trying to impress the royals.

Prince William, Middleton, Prince Harry and Markle made their first royal engagement together in February. According to a body language expert Judi James, the tension between Markle and Middleton was already visible back then. Although the two were photographed smiling, the shots were misleading, noted the expert.

Another insider revealed that the ghastly row between Prince Harry and Prince William’s wife started a year ago when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Christmas. There was reportedly a not-so-nice encounter between the two women that led to the two gentlemen’s fallout because Prince William took Middleton’s side and Prince Harry took Markle’s.