Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly had reservations about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship very early on.

But by the looks of it, the royal couple’s doubts were nothing personal. Rather, they simply didn’t know Markle very well so it was natural for them to think negatively of her.

In the Channel 5 documentary “William & Harry: Princes at War?” royal expert Ingrid Seward said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship happened so quickly that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t have the time to get to know Markle better.

“And of course, William and Kate would have quite naturally thought 'oh she's been married before, she's older than Harry, I hope she's going to make him happy.' Anyone would think that,” she said.

Last year, reports swirled that Prince William and Prince Harry fought over the latter’s decision to wed Markle just over a year of knowing each other. Royal expert Emily Andrews told The Sun that Prince Harry went ballistic after Prince William tried to talk him out of marrying the “Suits” alum.

According to royal author Katie Nicholl, that was the moment when the dynamic between the royal siblings changed. Prince Harry also started resenting his older brother for not supporting his relationship with Markle.

But when Prince William told Prince Harry that he will soon be marrying Middleton, the Duke of Sussex immediately got on board with his plan.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports suggesting that Prince Harry read the riot act to Prince William and Middleton after their kids went to bed because they refused to support his relationship with Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were caught off guard by Prince Harry’s speech, but Markle didn’t say anything at that time. One day after the confrontation, Prince William and Middleton sent flowers to Prince Harry and Markle’s home and the two female royals decided to attend Wimbledon together.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Pictured [L-R]: The Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex, Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at Westminster Abbey to attend a service to mark the centenary of the Armistice on Nov. 11, 2018 in central London. Paul Grover/AFP/Getty Images