Prince William made Kate Middleton cried at Christmas time over a decade ago.

According to Katie Nicholl’s 2011 book “The Making of a Royal Romance,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s holidays 12 years ago weren’t perfect. Middleton was left in tears after Prince William decided to not spend the holidays with her and her family at Jourdonstoun House.

“At the last minute William had a change of heart and decided to stay with his own family instead,” Nicholls wrote.

The Prince of Wales informed a “tearful” Middleton about his change of heart during a late-night conversation on Boxing Day. The decision was reportedly not a big deal for the duke. However, Middleton was hurt because for her it was a sign of something more serious about their romance.

According to Nicholl, Middleton has a good reason to be concerned because Prince William was having second thoughts about their relationship. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge sat down with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II and they had a frank discussion about his future with Middleton. Both believed that he should not rush things with their relationship.

Prince William and Middleton broke up several times before they got engaged. At one point, the now father of three felt claustrophobic in their relationship that he wanted some space. Prince William joined his friend Guy Pelly on a trip to Greece that made Middleton miserable because she didn’t think highly of the latter. Middleton felt that Pelly was a bad influence on Prince William.

In response, Middleton packed her bags and spent the summer with her family. In Jessica Jayne’s book "Duchess of Cambridge: How Kate Middleton Became A Future Queen," the author explained how things went for Middleton during their split.

One of Middleton's friends said that she was quite drunk on white wine on one occasion and let her guard down. She was torn on whether or not to text or call Prince William. However, after the incident, she never opened up about the same matter again.

Meanwhile, Middleton and Prince William addressed the questions about their split during their engagement interview. The Duchess of Cambridge confessed that she was hurt, but it made her stronger. On the other hand, Prince William believed that their age was another factor.

Prince William said that they were too young at the time and they were still figuring out on what they wanted to do in their respective lives. He added that they were different characters and were both finding themselves while growing up.