Prince William is “more academically inclined” than Prince Harry.

One netizen asked on the online forum Quora if Prince William is more intelligent than Prince Harry. A number of netizens feel that the Duke of Cambridge is smarter than the Duke of Sussex.

According to Alex Palmer, an International Relations undergrad at University of Sheffield, Prince William is an “intelligent bloke.” The Duke of Cambridge received AAC at A level which is highly respectable and he also has a 2:1 degree from St. Andrews.

“Despite the most prestigious UK education money can buy, Harry didn’t do as well at school as his brother,” Paul Stevens wrote.

“I think Prince William is rather more academically inclined than Prince Harry. I recall that it was originally planned that Harry would attend a less academically focused school than Eton,” Selene Daws, a U.K. resident, commented.

Selene added that following Princess Diana’s death, the royal family decided not to separate the brothers. Prince Harry was equipped with the intelligence he needed to function as an army officer and on working with his charities after leaving school.

Melissa Marshall said that he would have said “yes” to the question a few years ago. However, many didn’t know that Prince Harry was struggling with mental health issues for years and was only treated just recently.

“I suspect had Prince Harry been given the mental health help he needed when he was a child, perhaps he would have done better academically,” she added.

She pointed out how Prince Harry said that he wasn’t interested in attending university but wanted to go straight into the Army after graduating from school. She agreed that Prince William is “more academically minded” than his brother.

However, none of them has a serious intellectual bent unlike their father, Prince Charles, who likes to talk about a variety of subjects from history to music and more.

In related news, Prince Harry and Prince William are rumored to be having a feud. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were criticized for sending a cold and useless birthday greeting to the future king.

According to royal correspondent Ingrid Seward, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deliberately snubbed the second-in-line to the throne with their birthday message because they only commented on Kensington Palace’s post. She also added that it was “pretty rude” and would be construed as “purposeful.”