Prince William reveals his son Prince George’s new obsession.

The Duke of Cambridge shared new information about the third in line to the throne. In a new documentary entitled “Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall,” Prince William reveals what his eldest son loves at the moment. The royal father said that Prince George is obsessed with tractors.

“I should have brought George today; he would be absolutely loving this… He’s obsessed," Prince William said, referring to the nearby farm equipment.

Prince William is expected to manage the Duchy of Cornwall Estate when Prince Charles becomes the new king because he will be the new Prince of Wales. The estate comprises livestock farms and residential and commercial properties. There are also forests, rivers, quarries and coastline within the area. 

Prince William admitted that the countryside is deep in his heart and he wants to learn and know more about farming, adding that he is not a London boy.

Aside from Prince George’s interest in tractors, Prince William revealed earlier that his eldest child was obsessed with dinosaurs. The future king confessed that all of them had been learning about the extinct animals. The interest in dinosaurs is reportedly common among children between 2 and 6 years old. Other most common interests among this age group are vehicles including planes, trains and cars.

“I hear it over and over from parents,” paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, who has an interest in dinosaurs since he was a boy, confessed. “They know all the names! I don’t know how they remember that stuff.”

Lacovara shared his theory about the children’s interest in dinosaurs. According to him, it’s the children’s first taste of mastery and being an expert in something. It’s when they have command of something their parent or coach or doctor doesn’t know, so it makes them feel powerful.

In related news, Prince William and Prince George upset a Canary fan during a football game when they sat in a row dedicated for the Norwich City fans even though they were Aston Villa supporters. According to Dennis Bates, he had no issues with royals, but he found it strange that they were allowed to sit in an area of the Jarrold stand, which was singled outside as a section for “Home Fans Only.”