Prince William will play an important role during Prince Charles’ coronation just like some of the members of the royal family.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans said that same thing about the heir to the throne’s important day. But until today, no one knows when exactly will Prince Charles be crowned.

Chris Smith, from the Macquarie University, said that Prince William would formally swear allegiance to his father during the latter’s coronation. Prince Philip also did the same thing at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation decades ago.

David Lane Miller, a graduate of history of Great Britain and Ecclesiastical history, also said a similar thing.

“He will kneel before the newly crowned king and swear fealty to his Sovereign, to be his “liege man of life and limb.” He will then be followed by his brother and all other royal dukes. Whether the Cambridge children have a role of any kind will depend on their ages and positions when the day comes, but they will probably still be too young for such a role,” he said.

Sue McCune Martin, who observes and reads about the royal family, said that after Prince Charles swears his oath and is crowned, the members of the British clan would pay homage to him and pledge their loyalty.

Years later, it would be Prince George who would pledge allegiance to Prince William followed by his siblings. Prince George is currently third in line to the throne, while Prince William is second in line to the throne.

But it is unlikely that their coronation will happen soon because Her Majesty has not even retired or abdicated from her role as the head of the monarchy. Decades ago, she vowed to serve her nation until the day she dies, and that’s exactly what she has been doing.

The Queen is already 93 years old, and she has not shown signs of slowing down except when it comes to traveling overseas for her engagements.

Prince William, Prince Charles
Pictured: Prince William, Prince Charles arrives next to his father Prince Charles, Prince of Wales as they walk to St. George's Chapel to partake in Garter Day, the 660th Anniversary Service, on June 16, 2008 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson