How does it feel to have your wife's lookalike as a co-worker? Probably Prince William could answer that, as his new co-worker has a striking resemblance to his wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Meet Dr. Gemma Mullen, the doctor on call who will work with the prince on his new job as a helicopter ambulance pilot, E! Online writes, adding that she looks like “Kate Middleton's sister.” She is a brunette just like Middleton and many have remarked that she looks like the duchess. Mail Online is calling Mullen William's “glamorous Kate lookalike doctor co-pilot” while Redbook magazine has called her as “Kate's gorgeous doppelgänger.”

Mullen's resemblance to Middleton could be attributed to the fact that she is almost of the same height and loves to keep her brunette locks open, even during her work hours. She also has similar features. Check out her picture here.

Meanwhile, royal fans would be happy to know that there is more to Mullen than her resemblance to the duchess. She is a talented doctor and assisted William when he completed his first rescue mission on Thursday since becoming a full-time pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Mullen and William rescued a 50-year-old man who suffered chest pain in Felixstowe, Suffolk, the Mail Online writes. The website also added that man was treated on the scene by Mullen and was then taken to a hospital by William and his flying team.

"It's sort of a follow-on from where I was in the military with my search and rescue role," the prince said about his job on Monday, E! Online writes. "There are many of the same kind of skills, and a job like this is very worthwhile, valuable and there's an element of duty. It's an important area for me to be involved in to continue my career and training."

William also added that he was "fantastically excited" to work with “a very professional bunch of guys and girls." He is working a pilot for a nine-hour shift for four days and then given four days off.