Princess Anne is the only member of the British royal family who has a criminal record.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans claimed that even though Princess Royal is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, she never used or abused her royal status. In fact, she opted to not give her children royal titles because she wanted to live privately.

As such, during her criminal conviction years ago, Princess Anne didn’t also use her royal status to throw out her case. Marilyn Robinson, a retired workshop director, said that Princess Anne went to a Berkshire court together with her two children to plead guilty to the Dangerous Dogs Act charge.

The only daughter of the Queen and Prince Philip paid £500. The royal was also ordered by the judge to keep her English bull terrier, Dotty, on a leash while in public. She was also asked to have her dog trained.

In 2002, Dotty bit two children as they walked in Windsor Great Park. At that time, dog psychologist Roger Mugford fought for Princess Anne’s dog so that Dotty wouldn’t be put down.

Sharon Ann Cummins-Royes echoed Robinson’s statement. She said that after doing brief research, she found out that Princess Anne is the only royal to ever have a criminal record.

“This is something I do admire about Princess Anne, she is not precious, she never uses her “name” or “position” to avoid the hard truths of life. Princess Anne faced an attempted kidnap, faced down criticism because she refuses to shake hands with the public, she is a world-leading equestrian and member of the Royal Family, and she is the hardest-working member of the immediate Royal Family next to her brother,” she said.

“She is the one person in the royal family who has her finger on the pulse of the UK given the number of public engagements she has a year,” she added.

Princess Anne
Pictured: Princess Anne Princess Royal, Admiral of the Royal London Yacht Club is seen during the Royal London Yacht Club Champagne Party at Lendy Cowes Week at the Royal London Yacht Club on August 6, 2018 in Cowes, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson