• Princess Diana reportedly threatened Prince Charles that she would take her own life
  • Princess Diana didn't want to divorce Prince Charles
  • Prince William already forgave his father Prince Charles but was upset with Princess Diana

Princess Diana allegedly threatened Prince Charles that she would take her own life.

It’s not a secret that the Prince and late Princess of Wales had a rocky marriage. Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a fairytale-like royal wedding, but their marriage was unhappy.

In Andrew Morton’s 1992 biography titled “Diana: Her True Story,” Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom reportedly found herself struggling with her newfound fame.

Princess Diana told her friends that the change she went through after officially joining the royal family “was just too much for one person to handle.” She also admitted that “she had pleased, cajoled and quarrelled violently” to win her husband Prince Charles’ assistance, but it didn’t work.

“On that January day in 1982, her first New Year within the Royal Family, she now threatened to take her own life,” Morton wrote.

“He accused her of crying wolf and prepared to go riding on the Sandringham estate. She was as good as her word. Standing on top of the wooden staircase she hurled herself to the ground, landing in a heap at the bottom.”

In the same book, Morton claimed that Princess Diana was torn between her world outside and the palace walls. However, although she wanted to enjoy her freedom, she had no plans to divorce the heir apparent.

“She was tormented every day and in every way by the dilemma of her position, continually torn between her sense of duty to the Queen and nation and her desire to find the happiness she craved,” Morton added.

“Yet in order to find happiness she felt she had to divorce; if she divorced she worried she would inevitably lose the children she lived for and who gave her such joy.”

Princess Diana’s friend and trainer Jenni Rivett said that she didn’t want to separate or divorce Prince Charles because she wanted to be the Princess of Wales, the Queen of people’s hearts and a good mother and wife. In fact, if she had a choice, she would have stayed and tried to make her marriage work.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry have reportedly already forgiven their father for his bad treatment toward their mother. But the Duke of Cambridge was upset with his mom due to her infamous Panorama interview where she aired their family’s issues in public.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured attending a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982 at Westminster Abbey, London. Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images