Prince William and Prince Harry already forgave Prince Charles, but Kate Middleton’s husband was allegedly upset with Princess Diana.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had an unhappy marriage. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were so different that they couldn’t live with each other. Also, the future king was emotionally committed to Camilla Parker Bowles, prompting some to believe that he never loved the mother of his two sons.

Years after Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce and the latter’s death. Prince Charles married his ex-girlfriend, Camilla. Some royal fans are wondering if Prince William and Prince Harry have forgiven Prince Charles for his bad treatment toward Princess Diana. According to royal fans who responded to a question on Quora, it’s clear that the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex have forgiven their father.

“It seems PH and PW have forgiven their father for his mistreatment of their mother, and consequently, to them as well, as no doubt this behavior affected those boys emotionally. So it must be called out for what it was-mental child abuse. Abuse that continued until Charles got what he wanted: Camilla,” one netizen wrote.

Deanna Eppers, an ardent follower of the royal family, claimed that Prince Charles and Princess Diana would never say that they are holding a grudge against their father. However, she believes that they have already processed their dad’s affair with Camilla, and they genuinely love their father and wish him happiness.

Another netizen agreed and wrote that Prince William and Prince Harry love their dad but probably don’t want to be like him. Meanwhile, a different royal follower pointed out that between the two parents, it was Princess Diana who upset Prince William.

“Their mother was not called Princess Diana. Her name was Diana, Princess of Wales and no, the Princes do not ‘hold grudges’ against their father, why would they. If anything, William was upset with Diana for airing all of their dirty linen in public. There were faults on both sides in Charles and Diana’s relationship and you are just going to have to get over that,” Chrissie Nyssen commented.