Princess Diana had a heartbreaking encounter with a paparazzi years ago. The incident left the late royal in tears.

On the podcast “Images of Diana,” royal photographer Kent Gavin shared details from the conversation that he had with the Princess of Wales. He said that the mom of two had a horrendous experience in London.

Decades ago, Princess Diana was shopping at Harvey Nichols on High Street Kensington when the paparazzi came up to her and chased her. Prince Charles’ ex-wife managed to get into the taxi safely, but the paparazzo continued to chase her while onboard their bicycles.

When the taxi stopped, one of the paparazzi opened the door of Princess Diana’s cab. The late royal, who couldn’t contain her shock, ended up crying. But the encounter didn’t end there.

The paparazzi shouted and cursed at Princess Diana. He also asked Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom to raise her head so that he could take photos of her. After all, the paparazzi said that he has a mortgage to pay and a baby to support.

There was no mention of Prince Charles helping Princess Diana during a difficult time. After all, the heir to the throne wasn’t with his wife when the paparazzi chased her down.

But according to Gavin, no photos of Princess Diana crying were published online hours later. This means that whoever threatened to take her photos didn’t release them to the different publications.

Meanwhile, the royal photographer said that he’s one of the few people that Princess Diana trusted when she was still alive.

“I liked her – I wasn’t in awe of her. [But] I adored her. She was a lot of fun, she was changing, she was making history, it was good for my career of course. We went on some wonderful holidays with her, places we never normally go to. I just felt that I grew with this woman as she went through this life-changing period of British history,” he said.

Princess Diana Britain’s Princess Diana arrives on Oct. 4, 1990 for a charity gala at the Departmental Auditorium in Washington. Photo: Kevin Larkin/AFP/Getty Images