Princess Diana reportedly found the public frenzy surrounding her unbearable and the fact that she was afforded with little protection by the palace just made things worse.

But according to royal author Penny Junor, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton did not experience the same thing because they have been defended publicly by Prince Harry and Prince William, respectively.

In the 2017 biography “The Duchess: The Untold Story,” Junor said that the palace did not stand firm in protecting the Princess of Wales because she was just the girlfriend of Prince Charles and not his wife. But once their relationship broke to the press, Princess Diana was bombarded with media interest at all hours.

“It was intimidating stuff for someone who had never been in the public eye. Diana was scrupulously polite but she found the pressure unbearable,” she said.

During a previous interview, Princess Diana dished on what it was like to live in that moment. She said that she cried like a baby and had a hard time coping with all of the media attention she was getting.

“Because she was just a girlfriend, there was no mechanism to protect her,” Junor said.

But the landscape has changed significantly for Middleton and Markle, who both received royal protection even before they became official members of the royal family.

In 2007, the press suspected that a royal wedding between Prince William and Middleton would be imminent on the Duchess of Cambridge’s 25th birthday, and Prince William reacted furiously to the media.

The dad of three released a statement via his press secretary who said that Prince William is very unhappy at the ongoing paparazzi harassment that Middleton was experiencing.

Years later, Prince Harry also came to Markle’s defense after the paparazzi published hurtful stories about the Duchess of Sussex, as well as her status as a divorced bi-racial American actress.

In a statement, Prince Harry said that he’s worried about his then girlfriend’s safety.