Princess Diana made a strategic move for revenge against Prince Charles. She is pictured during a visit to Sydney, Australia on Nov. 1, 1996. Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

Prince Charles may have publicly come clean about his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles in a documentary that was set to air in June 1994, but that didn’t mean he got to have the last word, as a new report claims that Princess Diana made sure to get revenge on her husband as he went public with his unfaithful behavior.

In his book, “Diana: In Her Own Words,” royal biographer Andrew Morton recalled that Princess Diana made sure that on the night of the documentary’s broadcast, she was not only seen out having a good time but also that she was dressed to kill.

The event, an engagement at the Serpentine Gallery, was one where she stunned in a short black dress dubbed the “Revenge Dress,” and Morton states wearing the outfit was intentional.

“Diana had decided against seeing an advance viewing of the film, and on the evening of the broadcast, which was watched by 13 million people, she set out not merely to enjoy herself, but to be seen doing so,” he wrote. “She had a long-standing engagement at the Serpentine Gallery. The dinner was a sophisticated international event, and one where she found herself among friends.”

He went on to discuss the dress she wore for the event, which was immediately dubbed “The Revenge Dress,” but admitted that behind closed doors, she was a little less calm about her husband’s bombshell revelation. In the end, though, she appreciated that he was honest about what had gone wrong in their marriage.

“Yet in private she was not so calm. Her initial response to the programme was: ‘My first concern was for the children. I wanted to protect them,’” he wrote. “Then she added: ‘I was pretty devastated myself. But then I admired the honesty.’”

The event and documentary were both in 1992, two years after the couple had separated. Their divorce was later finalized in 1996, and Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris one year later.