Princess Diana looks very happy in a throwback video with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

In the unearthed clip uploaded by a fan on Instagram, the Princess of Wales is sitting on the floor of the palace. Prince Harry is crawling on his knees, and a young Prince William hilariously asks his younger brother what he’s trying to do.

Princess Diana lovingly instructs her eldest child to assist Prince Harry and tells him that she couldn’t stand up. Prince William approaches his younger brother and Prince Harry starts walking towards Princess Diana.

Prince Harry also walks towards his dad, Prince Charles, who is sitting behind Princess Diana. In the next part of the clip, Prince Charles is carrying Prince Harry while their photos are being taken. At one point, Prince Charles tries to make a face to make his son laugh.

Princess Diana whistles and calls Prince Harry’s name while trying to get him to look straight into the camera. Prince Harry starts cooing and laughing nonstop while Prince Charles receives instructions from the photographer.

Standing in front of Prince Charles is Prince William, who is dressed in his red shorts and red polo shirt. Prince Harry playfully kicks his leg and Prince William catches it and instructs him to stop moving.

At one point, Prince William complains about Prince Harry moving too much. And in order to calm him down, Prince Charles playfully places Prince Harry on top of Prince William’s head and the latter starts laughing. Prince Harry also taps Prince William’s head as though it’s a drum.

The video is an image of Prince William and Prince Harry’s happy childhood. But things weren’t always like this for the royal siblings. As they got older, their parents started getting into more fights, and they ended up in a divorce.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated when Prince William was 14 years old and Prince Harry was 11 years old.