New information related to the death of Princess Diana is being assessed for its "relevance and credibility," British police said. 

CBS reported that Scotland Yard said it is taking the new information possibly connected with the death of Diana and Dodi Fayed "seriously."

Though they refused to provide any additional details about the information, the agency did reveal that the assessment would be completed by officers from its specialist crime and operations unit. 

But according to Sky News, the information is believed to include allegations that Diana, Fayed and their driver were killed by a member of the British military. 

The 1997 death of Princess Diana and Fayed sparked numerous conspiracy theories about what led to the car crash that killed the pair. But British police are adamant that they are not reopening the death investigation of the August 31, 1997, incident. 

In 2008, a British jury ruled the deaths of Diana, the Princess of Wales, and Fayed, her companion, as "unlawful killing" due to the "grossly negligent driving" of the paparazzi chasing them and the reckless speeding and drinking of the pair's driver.