Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not have a decent relationship after their divorce.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had a fairytale wedding, but their marriage didn’t have a happy ending. According to several sources, they had an “unhappy marriage” because Prince Charles had always loved Camilla Parker Bowles and not Prince Diana.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married in 1981. However, in 1992, they announced their separation. In 1996, their divorce was finalized.

According to Deanna Eppers, an ardent follower of the royal family, Princess Diana and Prince Charles didn’t have a friendly relationship following their split. In fact, they didn’t have a relationship at all.

“After those two interviews aired and Queen Elizabeth told them to get a divorce, they didn’t have a relationship. Prince Charles and Diana had to communicate regarding the logistics of sharing their sons, but that was easily done through their assistants,” she wrote.

“After Diana stated that she did not believe her ex-husband was fit to be king, no room existed to have a decent relationship,” she added.

Eppers believed that it was a bad move on Princess Diana’s part because the royal family had the “bargaining chips,” her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Good thing for Princess Diana, Prince Charles held a certain degree of respect and never stopped her from seeing their sons.

“To answer your question, no. Charles and Diana were not friendly after their divorce. They weren’t friendly for the last few years of their marriage either, come to think of it. It’s sad,” Eppers concluded.

Princess Diana died shortly after their divorce was finalized. However, it took years before Prince Charles married Camilla.

Camilla never replaced Princess Diana’s role as a mom to Prince William and Prince Harry. According to Penny Junor, she knew that the two princes wanted their own mother and she also has her own kids.

Although Camilla never tried to be Prince William and Prince Harry’s second mom, the Duke of Sussex said that they were close to her. Prince Harry even said that Camilla is not a “wicked” stepmother but a “wonderful woman,” who makes their father, Prince Charles, very happy.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the Chelsea Flower Show, London, May 1984. She is wearing a navy maternity coat by Jan van Velden. Getty Images/Jayne Fincher