Princess Diana made sure to give her sons Prince William and Prince Harry very normal childhoods.

In the 1990s, Princess Diana and her sons faced tons of controversies and they also experienced heartaches. In 1992, Prince William suffered from a head injury, Princess Diana’s dad passed away due to a heart attack, and Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated.

One year later, Princess Diana decided to bond with her sons at Disney World. The three-day vacation did not include Prince Charles. Photos of the royal family from their 1993 trip have just been shared online.

Prince William was photographed riding the popular Splash Mountain ride at the amusement park. Behind him and on another log are Princess Diana and some of her close friends. The Duke of Cambridge, who was just 11 years old at that time, was also photographed sitting and waiting for one of the outdoor shows to begin.

Prince Harry, 8, was also photographed in the log ride with Princess Diana, a young male friend, and several others.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Princess Diana rented out the entire 10th floor of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Amusement park goers and some onlookers lined up to catch a glimpse of the Princess.

“One hundred percent humidity and she still looks good. She looked like a typical tourist walking around Disney World… She was relaxed,” Marilyn Emrick told the publication.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana has also vacationed with her sons in several other parts of the world. In 1987, the Princess of Wales took her sons to Majorca, Spain, where they stayed at Marivent Palace. Two years later, they went to the British Virgin Islands. They once again went to the island in 1990.

In 1991, Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry went on a ski trip at Prince Charles’ favorite ski resort Klosters in Switzerland. They also enjoyed the same activity from 1992 to 1994. And in 1993, the royal family went to the Caribbean.

Princes William, Harry, Princess Diana
Princess Diana went on a three-day vacation at Disney World with her sons in 1993. Pictured: Princess Diana, Princes William, Harry applaud during the Wales vs France Five Nations Cup match at Cardiff Arms Park on February 1, 1992.` Getty Images/Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP