Princess Diana reportedly held a photo of her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, while she was fighting for her life at the hospital.

The Princess of Wales’ former royal butler, Paul Burrell, previously revealed that the late royal also held on to the rosary that was given to her by Mother Teresa during their meeting in 1992.

After their first meeting, Prince Charles’ ex-wife reportedly experienced a spiritual awakening. In the book “The Way We Were: Remembering Diana,” Burrell said that his former boss suddenly discovered her stronger and more independent self.

“With a sense of new-found freedom and identity, she embraced the chance to take on a new role. She came away believing she had a mission to help the sick and the dying wherever she was in the world… It was her responsibility, she said, to make a difference,” he said.

Burrell also revealed that the beads of the rosary from Mother Teresa were placed in her hands while she was lying on the hospital bed unconscious. Princess Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, following a fatal car crash in Paris.

Mother Teresa also shared her thoughts after learning that Princess Diana was at the brink of her death at the hospital.

“Diana was extremely sympathetic to poor people – and very lively, and homely too. All the sisters and I are praying for her and for all the members of the royal family,” she said.

Princess Diana’s sudden demise shocked the entire nation. In fact, even though she and Prince Charles were already estranged for years, the future king couldn’t believe what happened to his ex-wife.

While at Princess Diana’s funeral, the heir to the throne kept asking why Princess Diana’s death suddenly had to happen. According to a royal expert, the dad of two also broke down in tears after he received a call confirming the death of the mother of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.