Princess Diana may have been the first to wed Prince Charles but that doesn’t mean his current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, was absent from their honeymoon.

Express reported last August that in Channel 4’s documentary “Diana: In Her Own Words,” Diana revealed that Camilla gifted Charles a present that he brought and wore on their honeymoon.

While sailing aboard Royal Yacht Britannia for their 14-day vacation, Diana said she noticed her new husband wearing cufflinks with two letter "C's" on them. Diana reportedly confronted Charles about the item, realizing they were a gift from Camilla. He then confirmed the gift was from her but “dismissed any suspicions the pair were having an affair,” according to the outlet.

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“And boy, did we have a row. Jealousy, total jealousy. And it was such a good idea the two 'C's but it wasn't that clever,” Diana said in the documentary, which was comprised of audio recordings from the 90s.

While Charles denied an affair, Diana said she dreamed of Camilla afterward. "My dreams were appalling at night, I dreamt of Camilla the whole time. Everybody saw me getting thinner and thinner and thinner, and I was getting sicker and sicker and sicker,” she explained.

Of course, Camilla and Charles are thought to have engaged in an affair during the marriage. Diana and Charles eventually divorced in 1996, one year before her death.

In 2005, Charles and Camilla wed, making her Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1
Princess Diana And Prince Charles watch an official event during their first royal Australian tour 1983 in Newcastle, Australia. Patrick Riviere/Getty Images