Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson reportedly tried to hide their pregnancies and their growing baby bump through the clothes that they wore while carrying their children.

Katie Nicholl, a royal author, said in Quest Red’s documentary “Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story” that Meghan Markle did the complete opposite ever since it was announced that she’s pregnant with her and Prince Harry’s first child.

“I think it’s safe to say that maternity couture has come on a lot since the 80s. I remember so clearly Diana and Fergie in those tent-like dresses that just swamped them and disguised any hint of a bump… Fast forward to Meghan, she wears clothes that are very form-fitting, and she doesn’t want to hide her bump away,” Nicholl said.

The Duchess of Sussex usually cradles and touches her baby bump while in public. She is also very attached to the unborn child in her tummy.

Meanwhile, celebrity journalist Ashley Pearson said that Markle is using a Hollywood tactic during her pregnancy when she cups her belly from top to bottom as though to say, “it’s really here folks – this is a royal baby.”

“Whether it is a protective instinct she is doing, or whether it is a way to make sure everyone gets a good picture, Meghan is definitely way into the belly cup,” she said.

Markle is scheduled to give birth to her baby sometime this month or early next month. Last week, she and Prince Harry announced that the birth of their baby will be kept private until after they have celebrated as a family.

This announcement simply meant that Markle won’t step out of St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing to show her baby to the entire world just hours after its birth. Princess Diana and Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital when they gave birth to their respective children years ago.

Markle and Prince Harry could also share their child’s first photo via their Instagram account.