Princess Diana never had the chance to meet Meghan Markle in person. But if she was still alive, she might have been appalled with the Duchess of Sussex.

While speaking with Woman, Lady Colin Campbell also compared the Princess of Wales from Prince Harry’s wife.

“Diana would be appalled; she had enough nous to know when to put on a show. She was very aware of how important it was to be gracious, while Meghan – and Harry to an extent – trot out the charm when it suits them, but otherwise are graceless,” he said.

Campbell went on to say that the “Suits” alum’s behavior lacks understanding and appreciation of what it really means to be a royal. The author said that she’s not sure who Markle thinks she is for behaving the way she does.

Last week, Princess Diana’s friend also criticized Markle for hustling like a celebrity instead of working as a member of the royal family. She said that it’s about time that Markle understands the things that she still lacks understanding of.

“Like there’s a massive difference between being a celebrity hustling your way from the bottom to the top – and she was a very proud hustler, she used to use the word hustle for herself and her first husband very proudly – and being a lady or being a royal,” she said.

But despite her recent criticisms, Campbell also said that she’s still rooting for Prince Harry’s wife.

Meanwhile, the royal author isn’t the only person who has been throwing shade at Markle for the past couple of weeks. “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan has also said a slew of negative things about the former actress.

Morgan recently criticized Markle for her desire to live like a private citizen when she’s actually a public personality. The host also threw shade at Prince Harry’s wife for shunning away royal fans while she was at Wimbledon weeks ago.