Charles Spencer Karen Gordon
Charles Spencer, photographed with wife Karen Gordon before Kate Middleton and his nephew Prince William's wedding in April 2011, has commented on the second royal baby's name. Reuters

Princess Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer, is a big fan of the name his nephew Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, chose for their second royal baby. Born Saturday, the child, who is now fourth in line for the throne, is named Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Charles recently took to Twitter to join in on the discussion of the child’s name, part of which honors his sister, the late Princess of Wales. The 50-year-old earl joked that his daughter would be “thrilled” to know she now shares her name with another relative. His daughter, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer, is his seventh child.

Princess Diana died in August 1997 after a horrific car crash in Paris. She was riding in a car with her boyfriend Emad Mohammad al-Fayed, the heir to the Harrods fortune. He was also killed in the accident.

While Diana is the portion of the three-part name most buzzed about, she is not the only royal the newest princess is named for. Her first name is a tribute to her grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales. Elizabeth honors her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.