Princess Diana’s transformation from a shy girl to a global star reportedly irked Prince Charles.

The Princess of Wales was still too young when she married the future king. She was very innocent and bubbly, but too shy. However, she eventually transformed into a confident lady, which did not make Prince Charles happy.

In November 1985, Princess Diana was photographed dancing with esteemed star John Travolta in front of the President Ronald Reagan during her and Prince Charles’ official visit to the U.S.

According to journalist Natasha Kaplinsky, it took guts for someone to dance in the White House in front of the president. What the late Princess of Wales did showed that she was transformed, Express reported.

“I don’t think it was anything but her that happened. By this time, Charles was no longer sleeping with her,” royal biographer Sarah Bradford said. “He was saying things like ‘Why do they love her so much? All she ever did was say yes to me.’ He had this very downing effect. Her reaction to that was to project herself, to make herself into an international figure. I mean Americans in particular were impressed.”

Kaplinsky agreed saying that everyone was glued to Princess Diana. However, she felt that something was off with Princess Diana’s transformation.

“But this display of personality, it kind of irked the Royal Family in general didn’t it? It wasn’t a very royal thing to do,” she said.

Bradford agreed, but for her, it only affected Prince Charles. She felt that Queen Elizabeth II didn’t mind so much about Princess Diana’s changes.

Princess Diana’s designer Elizabeth Emmanuel shared when the royal’s transformation started. According to her, there was a pre-wedding ball when Princess Diana lost a lot of weight. Many found her like a catwalk model and that transformed her confidence.

Emmanuel added that it was at that point when Princess Diana realized that she was stunning and she could survive on her own. She knew that she had something in herself. She realized that everyone wanted to watch what she was wearing and that boosted her confidence.

Princess Diana admitted that she found the excessive media attention daunting especially when she realized that it affected her relationship with her husband because more and more found her interesting than the future king. She said that it was very uncomfortable for her because the attention she received came with a lot of jealousy and complicated situations arose from it since Prince Charles did not want to share the spotlight with her.