Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon, Queen Mother
Princess Margaret's life as a trailblazer will be revealed in new documentary. Pictured: Princess Margaret introduced to baby David Linley in 1961 by his proud parents Princess Margaret (L) and Lord Snowdon. Getty Images/Staff

Princess Margaret’s life as a trailblazer will take center stage in BBC’s upcoming documentary centered on Queen Elizabeth II’s late sister.

The two-part special will be released later this year, and it will examine Princess Margaret’s personal life and how she loves reflected the social and sexual revolution that transformed the 20th century Britain.

Prince Charles will also be featured in the documentary, and he describes his aunt as a trailblazer and a little bit of a rebel.

“She wanted to have the royal life but she also wanted to have a normal life,” he said (via Express).

Some of Princess Margaret’s closest friends will also be featured in the television show, namely, Lady Anne Glenconner, Anne de Courcy, Basil Charles, Christopher Warwick, and Craig Brown. The latter documented Princess Margaret’s celebrated rudeness in his biography.

“It was almost as though, early in life, she had contacted a particularly royal form of Tourette’s Syndrome, causing the sufferer to be seized by the unstoppable urge to say the wrong thing,” Brown wrote.

According to Cosmopolitan, Princess Margaret was married to photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones for nearly two decades. They divorced in 1978. Princess Margaret’s other relationships included a brief courtship with Robin Douglas-Home and a much younger man named Roddy Llewellyn.

Princess Margaret made headlines after she and Llewellyn were photographed in Mustique before her divorce from Armstrong-Jones was finalized.

On Feb. 9, 2002, Princess Margaret passed away at the King Edward VII Hospital in London after suffering a stroke. She was 71 years old. It was Queen Elizabeth II that announced Princess Margaret’s death to the world. Six days later, a private service for family and friends was held to coincide with the 50th anniversary of their dad’s death.

In April 2002, a state memorial service was held for the late princess at Westminster Abbey. Prior to her death, Princess Margaret also wrote her own epitaph.