Police in Fairfield, Connecticut, on Friday confirmed the arrests of three people as a result of a weeks-long pursuit stemming from reports of prostitution and illicit drug activity. Two men were arrested on drug charges and a woman was brought in for prostitution charges.

The suspects in question were Rhonel Russell, 39, of Bridgeport, Milton Laws, 41, of Bridgeport, and Biana Garnett, 28, of Fairfield. The investigation began when police got reports of Garnett conducting prostitution and hand-to-hand drug sales out of her home.

On May 21, officers conducting surveillance of the home observed what was thought to be a drug deal between Garnett and Russell. Following him as he drove away, police eventually pulled Russell over for erratic driving and found him to be in possession of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and PCP.

By May 28, after observing further transactions at Garnett’s home, the Fairfield police obtained a warrant for her arrest on prostitution charges. Laws was at the home as officers were serving the warrant and was also arrested after being police found him in possession of the drug ecstasy.

“We want to thank the concerned residents who reached out about this illegal activity going on in their neighborhood,” Police Chief Christopher Lyddy said in a statement. “Thanks to the extensive and thorough investigation by our officers, particularly the Quality of Life Unit, we were able to put a stop the prostitution and drug dealing going on in that area.”

Earlier in May, three young individuals were arrested in Fairfield after allegedly using online solicitations for prostitution as a ruse to commit robbery. Lydia Goff, 21, would set up the “dates,” and would later team up with Darrian Nicholson, 22, and William Hiller, 21, to rob the unsuspecting targets. All three were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay